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The online business world is not what is used to be. Today's online shoppers want to make sure that when they spend money it's with an online biz that is ethical and trustworthy and provides the best post-purchase hassle-free experience. The growing demand for independent verification of a website's honesty among Internet shoppers has created a new opening for savvy online business owners to differentiate themselves from the rest — and in effect capture the competition's business. These intuitive website owners know that the key to converting indecisive browsers into buyers starts with getting them to trust you, and it is the site owners' job to give themselves that edge. You as an online business owner can dispel shoppers' fear and indecisiveness by controlling their buying decision with the EthicalSite™ Validation Seal displayed on your website. Your prospects will know that what they've read about your online biz has been verified to be trustworthy and reliable. Exhibiting the EthicalSite™ Validation Seal will set you apart from the competition by providing the third-party validation your shoppers are looking for. For the vast majority of prospects, the EthicalSite™ Validation Seal is all it takes to get them to commit. But to seal the deal — along with your EthicalSite™ Validation Seal you also get a Customer Confidence Page where prospects get to read all the great things about your company. This is so cool. This is the page potential customers come to after clicking the EthicalSite™ Validation Seal, but they can also find it via the search engines — sometimes even before finding your site. This is where their doubts are lifted and the buying decision is made — that's the action that we actually wanted them to take from the moment they first learned about your product or services. If by chance the EthicalSite™ Validation Seal doesn't convert your visitors, the Customer Confidence Page gets them to commit practically every time! EthicalSite™ Validation Seal
EthicalSite™ Validation Seal
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More than just a 'Seal of Approval' for your website

Wary online shoppers have come to expect to find verifiable proof of your online biz trustworthiness, so it is important for you to fulfill this requirement with a certified Seal of Ethics & Trust from an unbiased independent body. Results for savvy owners who obtain and display such accreditation on their eBusiness website(s) are improved conversions, greater brand awareness, and significantly increased sales output.
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